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"Greeneville Iron & Metals, Inc., an experienced recycling company, embraces technology to provide the best service for the value while acknowledging relations of acquaintances and customers as an important component of our industry."


Can't find a way to transport your unwanted car or scrap to Greeneville Iron & Metals?  Greeneville Iron & Metals recommends Scrap Tiger.  Call Scrap Tiger 423-798-6657 to schedule a free pick-up and cash on the spot.  www.scraptiger.com


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SCRAP GUY (Mobile Recycling) LOCATIONS

Crossroads Corner, 6240 Jones Bridge Road
Lamar Community, 3503 Highway 81 South
For more information visit www.scrap-guy.com


Now accepting electronic scrap.  Items such as computer towers, cell phones, and laptops.  No TVs or monitors accepted.  For a complete list of items we buy for recycling and items we sell check out our WHAT WE BUY page.

We pay cash for most items bought for recycling.

View video about our employee Cecil and his storm damage.

September 2011
:.Picking up a RV on a gorgeous Fall day.:

April 22, 2011
:.Wearing "Go Green" shirts in honor of Earth Day 2011!!.:

August 19, 201
:.On Thursday, A
ugust 12, Greeneville Iron & Metals and Transport Technologies participated in the demolition derby at the Greene County Fair.  The two company cars were backed by their employee teams; these teams worked countless hours to trim out their car for the derby.  On the night of the derby, Transport Technologies #33 driven by Thomas rolled into 10th place while Todd, the driver of the #12 Greeneville Iron & Metals car, slid into 3rd place.  Congratulations!.:

August 19, 2
      :.Employees and their families gathered at Pioneer Park (home of the Greeneville Astros) on Friday, July 30 for a company picnic.  Hot dogs and hamburgers were served along with the sides.  Employees won a small prize and then watched the Astros rally for 5-4 victory over the Bristol White Sox.  The night finished with a firework display.:

April 27, 2010
     :.Reuse Yesterday to Save Tomorrow!
     This container was painted to raise awareness of environmentally friendliness.  It is a way to promote recycling and 'go(ing) green.'  


December 23, 2009
     :.On December 5, Greeneville Iron & Metals, Inc. opened their doors on Saturday for the first time in 15 years.  Some of the staff-- Bubba, Joe, Gavin, and Harlie-- are pictured in the mist of snow covered scrap.  "I'm proud of all my fellow employees for their support and willingness to make Saturday another great service that GI&MI provides for all the surrounding communities.  Keep recycling, make the next generation green" says Joe.

Greeneville Iron & Metals, Inc. is now open on Saturdays 8-12.:

November 5, 2009
Spencer James of Chuckey!

    When a customer recycled $20 worth of recyclable in October, they received a ticket for a drawing.  On the morning of November 4, the drawing was held live on WGRV.  The drawn winner was Spenser James of Chuckey.

    Upon arrival to pick up $
1000 door prize, Spenser told us the reaction to the news that he won.  He said, "his sister had heard it on the radio."  His first reaction was, "Wow... because I wasn't expecting to win."  Spenser told us that he always sold scrap at Greeneville Iron & Metals, Inc.  because of the "convenient location and how you do things."  Spenser's plan for the money is "to fix the home and Christmas".:  View additional Pictures

October 26, 2009
    :.What benefit can a cash for clunker be?

    They are perfect vehicles to simulate crash scenes and practice proper procedure in assessing them.  On Saturday, October 24, Greeneville Iron & Metals, Inc. was the host to the firefighter training event.  Firefighters from Newmansville, Tusculum, Sunnyside, and Limestone gathered in the parking lot with some cash for clunkers cars to practice proper procedure for extracting people from crashed cars.  Greeneville Iron & Metals, Inc. was proud to provide the facility and cars to practice with.:  
    View a Video



October 16, 2009
    :.2 months planning; 5 trips to Wal-Mart; 1 Fall Saturday Afternoon; 29 pounds of pork; 9 gallons of tea; 96 cans of soda; Prizes; Employees and Family = 1 Exciting Company Picnic!!
    Preparation began early with setting the date, time, and place.  The day finally arrived on October 10; Employees and their families gathered for fellowship, food, and fun; even Lyle and Nancy was in attendance to celebrate with us.  Stan's Bar-B-Q catered the event with pork sandwiches and all the sides.  Prizes lined a table; each employee name was drawn for a chance to pick out a prize.  "I am proud to work beside each of you... I can call you all by name... we are a team," says Jeff as he sums up the relationship with our employees.

    Greeneville Iron & Metals, Inc. and Transport Technologies, LLC kicked off the last quarter of 2009 with an exciting and enjoyable company morale booster.: 

October 12,
:.Now paying
cash for most recyclables!!

    On July 1, 2009, Greeneville Iron & Metals, Inc. began paying all transactions by check. Customers would receive a check upon recycling at Greeneville Iron & Metals, Inc.  For copper sales, the check is mailed no sooner than 5 days.

    Starting October 12, 2009, Greeneville Iron & Metals, Inc. will once again be paying cash for most recyclables.  To follow the law, copper sales will still be mailed no sooner than 5 days and other items that according to the law will be paid by check.:

October 2, 2009
    :.Do not throw your money away.... recycle at Greeneville Iron & Metals, Inc.  At Greeneville Iron & Metals, Inc. we buy items such as aluminum cans, appliances, and junk cars (for a complete list check out our SERVICES page) for recycling. 

    During the month of October, Greeneville Iron & Metals, Inc. is offering a $1000 door prize.  The winner will be drawn from the container of tickets.

    To be eligible to enter the contest the customer must recycle at least $20 worth of material at Greeneville Iron & Metals, Inc.  The customer may enter one time per visit. 

    The drawing will be November 4 on WIKQ and WGRV radio stations.:

October 1, 2009    
    :.On June 24, 2009, President Obama signed the Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act of 2009 which has been known as the 'Cash for Clunkers' program.  This program allowed a person to receive up to $4500 for their vehicle if it qualified.  The program concluded on Monday, August 24.
    With the conclusion on August 24, dealers await payment from the government and then ship their vehicles to scrap yards.  According to the law, the entire vehicle must be shredded or crushed with only minor parts to be salvaged before the crushing.
    As an approved CARS collection site, Greeneville Iron and Metals, Inc. has been receiving clunkers from surrounding dealers.  The pile of clunkers has quickly mounted up.  These vehicles await the car flattener.  The vehicle goes in one end normal and comes out the other crushed down flat.  Upon being flattened the cars are shipped out as scrap metal.  Once shipped out the cars go through a process and the metal eventually ends up in a state that can be reused.:
To view additional pictures check out our PICTURES page


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